Terms of Use

Can I sell the crafts/products/designs I create
with your artwork on my own site and at craft shows?

Can I sell the crafts/products/designs I create
with your artwork on other people's websites?

Can I sell patterns I create using your artwork?

Ok, just so I understand.......I can actually
use the artwork I purchase?

 How much is your Commercial License?
A whopping $0.00!

That's right!



We don't sell Commercial Licenses,
nor do we require them. We have simple requirements. We want credit for the work we've done
(that's just common courtesy);
Simply put, you must make something new with
the artwork in order to be able to sell it.

A longer explanation:
We don't want our artwork resold in the form you receive it
(in graphic collections, singles, or on transparent layers).
In other words, graphics can't be resold
AS the original graphics you receive, and our pre-made
printables can't be resold as downloadable printables.
You can, however, print out and sell products
created with the printables.
If you use our artwork to CREATE YOUR OWN printables,
you may sell those as downloadable
printables and/or as finished products.
See below for more details.

Mini Graphic Collections CAN be
resold ONLY with the purchase of a
Reseller License. How Can You Use These Graphics?

Use my whimsical primitive country graphics to make many
different types of crafts, web graphics or desktop
publishing projects for personal use and for profit, such as: (Check this list before writing to ask
if you may use the artwork for your purpose) address labels auction templates avatars (personal use and customized for re-sale) bag toppers banners bookmarks bottlecap pins bumper stickers business cards candy wrappers cardmaking certificates checkbook covers computer crafts cross stitch patterns desktop wallpaper die cuts (for Wishblade, Pazzles, and Craft Robo), digital embroidery patterns digital scrapbook projects gift tags handmade greeting cards Incredimail stationery kid's crafts logos magnets note pads Outlook Express stationery paint can labels paper crafts (any type of paper craft/printable) recipe cards sewing patterns siggys and (personal use and customized for re-sale) stationery stickers tile making tole painting patterns traditional scrapbooking elements web sets/web graphic design wood crafts and the list goes on!



How You May Not Use These Graphics:

These graphics must be incorporated into
something new that you've created yourself.

In other words, they can't be re-sold AS the original clipart/graphics
you receive within other graphic collections
(including blank, uncustomized siggys and avatars,
psp tubes, and formats that are transparent).
This artwork may not be used in any type of mass production,
and if they will be used in digital scrapbook kits, a texture may be added, otherwise
they must be merged/flattened onto something else
(such as a frame, tag, or background paper).


At NO time, under ANY circumstances, can my freebie clipart/graphics

be shared/given away for free on ANY forum,

website, or in any group/online group.

Mini Graphic Collections CAN be
resold ONLY with the purchase of a
Reseller License.

What are the Requirements?

Credit for the artwork should be stated as
"________created using artwork by PrimliciousGraphics"
on all web pages and packaging where these designs are displayed...
and a link, when possible, should be provided to




Special thanx to Trina! For allowing me to literally use her words!
Thank you so much!


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